Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday August 15th

Bulgarian is not on the list anymore. If there is one thing I have low tolerance for, it's flakey people. I don't think the Bulgarian was ever in serious contention for dating, but as a friend, he is super flakey too. We'd agreed that we would catch Bourne Ultimatum (great show btw!) over the weekend. Didn't hear anything from him so I decided to go watch it with my other friend on Sunday. And out of courtesy I texted him to see if he wanted to join. He replied that he'd already watched the film on Sat. This seems minor, but not so trivial when you consider that he's generally like that. He doesn't bother enough to stay in touch, but sporadically calls, has a great conversation and promises to call again soon. I have enough other friends to hang out with and a busy enough life that I dont have time to keep on being the one to make effort to stay friends. And this applies to old friends and new friends. I will make effort if I know you are going to make effort. Reciprocity.


I met some random people from asmallworld for drinks on Sunday night. Amongst them was this American guy with cute eyes and a soft American accent tempered by six years in England. We hung out for a bit after the others left. And then he started coming on to me. Properly making the moves. And that was a right turn-off. I am not exactly Miss Prude, but I don't sleep with guys the first time I meet them. I definitely don't sleep with guys who still try to make the moves when I tell them that it ain't happening tonight. "Let's go to your room to listen to music." You take me for a wide-eyed 14-year-old?! Patience would have gotten him some way. I guess we live in an instant gratification society and forget that the payout could be bigger if we invested a bit more time and effort into things.


Talk is cheap. I've come to realise that as I've gotten older, I am able to have conversations with almost anybody for a relatively sustained period. Last night, I went on a date with this lawyer I'd met in a cafe near my place. We chatted for almost three hours, about American politics, cultural differences etc. Great intellectually stimulating conversation with sufficient bits of humor too. But no vavavoom feeling. By the end of the night, I didn't want to reach over and rip his clothes off. But anyway, the point is that great conversation on its own means nothing. I was hung up on some guy for two years because we had great conversation. In retrospect, how unwarranted.


This entry has turned out to be a little bit of a dating rant. Dating life is still a novelty to me. But for now, I'll go on all first dates I get asked on, for the experience.* Who knows? My One True Love may be out there.

* Someone actually wrote a book about her experiences. After a bunch of bad dating experiences, she wonders if she's been too critical about the men she dated. So she decides that she'd go out with everyone who asked her out, including a aged Latino man. The book is a rather entertaining read and is called The Year of Yes.

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