Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday 2nd August

OK, I confess. I may not be entirely sober when typing this entry. I am also negotiating a piece of greasy pepperoni and jalapeno pizza, which is excellent BTW.

But if there is one thing I am good at, if I am good at anything at all, it is taking myself home before I get into trouble.


This week has been a fairly active one in terms of the social calendar.

Monday was the designated stay-at-home-and-stay-sober night.

Tuesday was Curry Night with 29 strangers from ASmallWorld. The food was pretty good and the company was sufficiently entertaining. Guy next to me was decent eye candy. But I didn't really make any real new friends from that evening.

The more significant thing about Tuesday night was the couple who'd organised Curry Night. They'd met on a forum on ASmallWorld last August, and started exchanging emails. He was based in Manchester and she in NY at the time. She flew out to see him twice in Manchester and then London. The he flew out to NY for Christmas and proposed then, only the third time they met up. And he moved to NY in May this year.

On hearing that story, there is a part of me which is goin ' schweeet' and then there is the other part which is skeptical that you can decide to get married on only the third time you've met in person.

Anyway, Wednesday night, I went to watch a play with a friend of a friend from London. The play, The Year of Magical Thinking, was superb. It was a one-woman show about a woman who lost both her husband and daughter within a year. Vanessa Redgrave was outstanding even if her faux American accent was disturbingly bad at the beginning. We went on to have dinner. We had great conversation tc, but ohmigod, my friend's friend was UGLY. He had awful sideburns and a big nose, not to mention the fact that he was shorter than me. As a measure of how superficial I am, I think I will definitely see him again, but as friends and no more.

Thursday night, and here I am. I've finished my slice of pizza so it's time to go to bed. Goodnight people.

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Alfred said...

But you haven't explained what's led up to the drunken, pizza fuelled post late on a Thursday night!