Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing hooky

I pulled a sickie this morning. And it's been great since. I slept in - did anyone tell you how amazing three hours of extra sleep is? I also savoured a pain au chocolat and nursed a coffee at Ottolenghi with the yummy mummies and trustafarians. And now I am slumming it at a cafe nearer to Bayswater. The yummy mummies (less yummy than at Ottolenghi) are startin to stream in for lunch now.

3 weeks ago, I went to Brussels to visit some friends I'd met while travelling in Vietnam. They are both TV producers and they produce reality TV shows in Flemish. Think Temptation Island in Flemish? As typical, their jobs aren't as glamorous as most people think. They work bloody hard. But as C put it, he was "doing the job he'd always wanted to do". Which reminded me of the chefs I'd met the weekend before that.

Which then brings it back to me. I pulled a sickie today because I couldn't bear the thought of going into work and having to work. I am sure people have offdays too. But I know that this is not what I want to be doing. So the natural question is what do I want to do?

Some brainstorming
- open my own restaurant
- become a restaurant consultant
- go work for a resort group (e.g. Aman Resorts)
- become an interior designer
- start a furniture business importing furniture from Asia
- become a private chef
- become a lifestyle consultant for rich hedge fund guys with money and little taste

I think my ideal job would
- have a global context
- not be desk-bound
- involve lots of human interaction
- require creativity
- pays for a decent standard of living

Any suggestions?