Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday August 7th

This is a situation I have never been in. I have choice, choice of male companionship. Wow!

During the day, I'd made plans to go for dinner with my VP. (OK, bad idea but I was bored during the day)

And just as I got home, I got a call from Bulgarian Hedge Fund Dude ("Bulgarian" henceforth) whom I knew from London but is also incredibly inconsistent - very attentive and charming company at some points and plain MIA at other times. He also wanted to have dinner tonight. I was tempted to suggest post-dinner drinks with him to ensure I behave after dinner with VP, but then I also have a regulatory exam tomorrow morning so I should not stay out late.

Not long after that, I got another phone call from Cafe Guy. (We were at the same cafe near my place on two occasions and ended up chatting). And now I have Saturday night sorted. I will probably move that to early next week instead. First date on a weekend night may be a little too much. I am learning the NY dating rules.

And I am also trying to avoid one-on-one meetings with Short Ugly Guy who was a little too keen about setting up another meeting.

Yes, Sex And The City might be closer to reality than I'd expected after all.

It is simply not possible to make new male friends in this town without them having romantic ideas. No wonder I am fast becoming a faghag in this town. And in fact, I might actually have more gay friends than girlfriends. Yes you know who you are, I am keeping my eyes open for hot guys in anticipation of your future visits.

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