Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday 3rd August

So how did I get to eating greasy pizza after having 1.5 glasses of wine and between 3-4 vodka tonics?

The night started in the West Village where I met up with 2 guys from ASW who also live in the hood for drinks. As expected, both were non-Americans. Why expected? Well, coz natives don't tend to go out to meet strangers and make new friends. Why should they? They already have their own social groupings. More musings on being an expat to follow in later post.

I headed down to a cheesy lounge in the Lower East Side as it was the farewell drinks for the 1st year analysts who were in NY for training. To keep up with the crowd and maybe also to appear cool, I had to keep up with the kids in drinking.

So, sorry to disappoint but there were no scandalous stories from my evening. As I said in my previous post, I am good at takin myself home before I get into trouble.


Only in New York - FlexPetz!!

"a new membership service coming this fall that lets you reserve doggy time to fit your schedule. New Yorkers can pre-register now to select a fully trained rescue pup — like Pirate the Boston terrier or Jackpot the Lab — and fetch him for a few hours (or a few days) of playtime."

The four-legged friends come with beds, water bowls, and GPS-equipped collars, not to mention custom leashes for walks, so you can continue to keep your place spotless.

Someone once commented that many New Yorkers have pets because they are such lonely individuals. Which makes a lot of sense except most New Yorkers live in tiny cramped apartments with little space for themselves, let alone a pet. And most New Yorkers are at work most of the day, with limited time to spend with their pets. So from a purely pragmatic point of view, this pet rental service is a great business idea. But pet rental??!!!

Only in New York.

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