Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ever since I was a teenager, I've been reading horoscopes and taking them seriously to varying degrees. Whenever things get tough or uncertain, I turn to horoscopes ever more often and take them ever more seriously. I guess it's like religion, you reach for some form of reassurance when time are tough. Same reason why I went to the fortune teller a couple of months ago. And this year, I have leaned on horoscopes more than ever.

And I am aware that I shouldn't take horoscopes too seriously coz they make you start looking for those signs in your life as described in your horoscope. For example, I am taking this guy I met a couple of weeks ago far more seriously than I should even though a) he lives in a different city b) he is 40 and c) he is divorced. But then I a) met him on the weekend that my horoscope said I would b) my horoscope said that the one I met during that particular weekend is very likely the one and c) the fortune teller had said my guy would have been married before.

And now my horoscope is warning me of a big work-related conflict coming up this week. On website says that I may have been complacent about something which will come to the surface this week. Another website says that although conflict is expected, my starsign should be insulated from it. And yet another says that I will have to make an unpleasant but ultimately right decision. With all the unpleasantness already at work, I find it hard to not to believe all these predictions. I am dreading the week already. And I know I am being silly and I am trying hard to dismiss these thoughts.

Argh I am so done with 2008. It's been a loooooong year. Bring on 2009!

Sun sign Capricorn, Moon sigh Aries and Chinese zodiac Monkey if you must know.