Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday July 4th

Today is American Independence Day, the day America came to be. It being my first time, I am not quite what 4th of July should really stand for. I am told it's about BBQs and fireworks. But I was stuck in the office all day plus the weather was shite in NY today. I did managed to catch a bit of the fireworks though.

What 4th of July stands for to me is the American Dream. Immigrants from all over the world travelled to the United States in search of a better life. In America, class doesn't matter quite as much as hard work. If you worked hard enough, there was a very good chance that your children would lead a far better life than you ever did. And in fact, it was even possible to change your fortunes within one generation. Of course this also means that those who fail or fall behind, can get left very very very far behind.

The proposed reform to the Immigration Act is somethin very close to my heart. As someone whose career choices have so far been dictated by immigration laws, I feel strongly that governments should allow free movement of people as far as possible. We are becoming an increasingly global society. In order for a society to prosper, it needs to have the brightest minds as well as the people who will do the jobs that no one else will do. And this is why I support both highly skilled and low-skilled migration. Instead of trying to restrict immigration altogether, America needs to find a way to manage it.


More about madeleines in another post.

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