Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Home on a Friday night. I have to wake up at some insane hour tomorrow morning in order to catch a train to go kayaking in upstate NY. Yes, I am mad.


Out of boredom, I decided to take a look at the personal ads on Craiglist. Online dating seems to work for many people of this generation who dont have enough time to go out and actually meet people. Maybe the Love of My Life is waiting for me in an online ad.

Nothing caught my eye tonight, and actually I'm not convinced about Craigslist hookups, except my dining chairs. Plus my experience with Craigslist in the past hasn't been all that great. When I was in SF last year with no friends, I decided to use Craiglist to find people to hang out with.

First guy I met was some Asian-American paralegal. Seemed nice enough but not someone I would have put effort into keeping in touch with.

Second guy was a teacher who was moving to Chicago for grad school and just wanted someone to hang out with before he moved. It was pretty obvious from our first meeting that sparks wouldn't fly between us. But he had tickets to a SF Giants Game, and we went. The AT&T Ballpark is amazing. It's built on the bay with one side of the stadium open to the water.

And the last guy. My last morning in SF and I desperately wanted to go to the farmers' market at Ferry Plaza so I posted an ad. Some guy responded and sounded relatively decent. plus I'd googled the name and he came up as a master's student in journalism at Berkeley. Imagine my shock when I show up at the designated meeting spot and he turns out to be a short little Lebanese guy whose name is not what he claimed. "I don't like giving out my real name to people I meet online. you never know who you meet." How true. I fled as quickly as it was polite to do so.


My colleague - let's call him Michigan Wolverine ("MW") - tried asking me out again. I've tried to tactfully turned him down a number of times before. Today, I actually said it out, "yes, let's go for drinks, but as friends."

He's a great guy, but just not my type. Plus I don't think it's right to shit in my own backyard.

But of course, I kissed my VP last night. We went out for drinks. He'd walked me home and we were saying our goodbyes and before we knew it, our lips were on each other's lips. "How did this happen?" Eventually I pulled away. It would have been too weird going to the same meeting 6 hours later. So, behave S, behave.

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