Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday July 10th

I am in shock. My college sorta roommate just got engaged!!!!

If you ever met Barbara in college, you'd be just as shocked. She's the Belarussian version of chilli padi, small and full of energy. Almost everyone at university knew her, even people from other colleges. From Day One, she was the one who would march straight up to strangers and introduced herself whether or not they were expecting an introduction. And all throughout college, Barbara was louder and more colourful than anyone else.

But she also had a sensible side to her as well. Whenever I was upset or confused, I'd pop next door to her room and she'd make me a cup of tea (I know, how very English!), listen to my woes and dish out her surprisingly mature advice.

And now, she's engaged.

WOW. I am so happy for her.

But still, WOW. It's one thing when friends in Singapore announce their engagement coz that's what everybody does once they can afford the downpayment for their HDB flat. It's another thing when my non-Singaporean friends, especially Barbara, announce their engagements.

I shan't go into this in detail coz it's too Ally MacBeal-ish, but there's a part of me that is scared that I will be the old maid left on the shelf soon. Which brings me to my next point...


I had the conversation with Frenchie last night. It wan't an easy one to have because I knew how much he felt for me. And even then I hadn't realised until after we had our conversation, exactly how much he felt for me. I felt awful because I just didn't feel so much for him. And whilst I would have liked to continue seeing him, I didn't want to give him hope that may not manifest itself into anything real.


So yes, I've got to go out and start making new friends again, which is the whole point of this blog anyway. If you know of anyone in NY who is cool to hang out with, please send them my way. Male or female, straight or gay, any ethnicity, equal opportunities.

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