Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday July 11th

Two minutes ago, I looked out of the window and it was grey. One minute ago, I looked out again and it had gone dark. And now it's back to being grey due to the thick curtain of rain that is pouring down furiously. Damn! Not good for my gym plans.


fast forward a couple of hours. it's stopped raining. and i know i've had a really really really great night coz ive laughed so much tonight. i know my eyes are twinkling and there's a smile i can't wipe off my face. no i was not on a date. in fact, i was hanging out with a girl, my real estate agent.

whenever i think about it, i have been so lucky in new york. i stumbled upon a real estate agent just as my friend commented that he had never seen a real estate agent in new york. she happened to be a crazy russian barbie-doll-lookalike. and the landlord's agent happened to be this crazy russian jew who is "original but good heart". and as a result, i have this crazy nice apartment i can call home.

i'm one lucky girl. :)


cheerio from (hot) Dallas -- luckily get to chill by an infinity pool under the stars =)
(and no, not naked)

no such luck with infinity pools in hot and humid NY :( nudity possible though

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