Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday 27th September

I now have 1000 paper souffle cups in 4 different sizes being sent to me. Not to mention the other 125 plastic souffle cups on the same order. (Yes, I have been really really really bored in the office.) And those souffle cups will go towards fulfilling my Stepford Wife ambitions. They are going to be so perfect for turning out cute little muffins/babycakes and maybe even souffles if I get ambitious enough.

I have effectively not been working for the past 9 months. I show up in the office, look pretty, surf the internet lots, give my gimps work, plan my social life, check my gimps' work, plan my vacations and of course, write my blog. This lifestyle is great for a while, but now my brain has turned into mush and I have lost all career ambition.

As one of my bosses put it, with this job, you're only happy when you're busy, but when you're busy, you're also pissed off about being so busy.

But it worries me that I no longer want to do any work. My first thoughts whenever I am given any work is: is this going to get in the way of my social engagements? is this going to screw my weekend? I miss feeling excited about my work. I miss feeling engaged.

Not having worked in a cut-throat "male" situation for a while, I am starting to soften and feel myself becoming more stereotypically "female" in my career aspirations. I used to want to quit this to become a corporate bigwig. Now I am thinking maybe I should do something relatively easy but lucrative like say hedge fund investor relations. All I will need to do is look pretty and flirt with clients, definitely playing to my strengths there. And of course, this would give me more time to bake and cook.

Oh yes, my brain is definitely turning to mush. As a reminder, I have 1000 paper souffle cups and 125 plastic souffle cups in the mail to me. Maybe I should join Bimbos Anonymous?


Only in NYC. I was at the fruit juice stand earlier today. The lady ahead of me had ordered apple juice and when she received it, she complained. "Are you sure this is apple juice? But it doesn't look like it does in the store." If you have ever seen freshly squeezed apple juice from the juicer, you will know that it is at first murky, but slowly settles to be clear golden-coloured juice with a foamy top. But in this metropolitan city like NYC, who juices their own juice anymore? Juice comes in a bottle from the store. Just like how vegetables come pre-cut for stirfries and chicken comes as breast/thigh/drumstick rather than as a whole chicken. Convenience culture, only in NYC.

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