Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday 24th September

Dinner party last night went well. Headline - no weirdoes at dinner, hurray!

The guests were half friends and half strangers. Friends included Sidekick, New Gay Best Friend ("NGBF") and my collegemate K who'd just moved to NY. Strangers included K's friend, and 3 ASWers.

Some statistics:
Number of people at dinner: 8
Number of nationalities at the table: 9 (including Eyal who has passports from Turkey, Israel AND Argentina, talk about Global Soul!)
Number of bottles of wine: 3.5
Number of pounds of pork loin roasted: 4.11
Number of apples used in cooking applesauce: 6
Number of people who knew the name of the game Sacha Cohen Baron played in Israel: 1 (it's called gaga btw)
Number of times we looked up Google in the course of dinner: too many, can't remember


I got really bored last week and signed up for E-Harmony.

Amongst all the onine dating websites out there, E-Harmony is meant to be the most serious one. It is not for the people who just want to find a shag online or for married people seeking an extramarital affair. They have a questionnaire which takes about an hour to fill out, before you can join. This is meant to weed out all the casual types and also for them to assess compatibility.

Since joining, E-Harmony has found me about 20 matches. Of which, I wasn't interested in more than half. Anyone who was under 5'8" got binned. (A girl's gotta be able to wear heels when out with her man!) Anyone whose profile sounded vaguely boring also got binned. And now I am left with a bunch of them who on the one hand survived my culling, but on the other, weren't capitivating. (It's quite difficult to be captivating in an online profile)

Because E-Harmony is above all, a business, I have to decide if I want to become a member. Wthout membership, I cannot communicate with anyone or view anyone's pictures. But membership isn't cheap. (incidentally that is another way they are filtering out people who are not serious about seeking long-term relationships)

So should I??

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