Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday 10th September

Does anyone actually read this blog? I hope so.


The seasons have definitely started to change. Even though it's still bloody hot and humid this evening. I hate it that it got dark before 8 today. And it's even more depressing to think that it will get dark progressively earlier from now onwards. And soon it will be cold. Why a tropical-born-and-bred girl like me chooses to live in a place which gets so cold for part of the year, I do not know.

But we should think positive.

And one positive thing about this weather is that S does not want to go out and play all the time. S will focus a little more on her work. S will spend more time on her wonderful sofa and watch her huge-ass TV more often. S will come home more evenings and cook healthy dinners for herself. S will have people over every Sunday for good food, good booze and cheerful company.

4 home-cooked meals in a row! And there's shrimp, tomato and basil pasta salad in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch too. Yeay me!


This is why he is The One Who Got Away.

Will call this week. NY plans are changing some, but will be here.

Cool, you have my cell right? 212-XXX-XXXX

I do now =)
I see you have really got right into the American lingo...cell? Mobile sounds way more sexy, S.

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