Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello World!

Unfortunately, this is not a self-help website, so all those who were hoping to become Miss/Mr Popular from reading this website should probably click away now.

I just moved to New York from London about a month ago. Not having quite as many friends in NY, I'm on a Mission to Make New Friends. And it was as I was sitting in some fluffy airy-fairy surreal "East meets West" self-help workshop as part of this mission last night, that I realised actually I will be putting myself in some rather amusing situations so why not blog about it?

So here I am. I'll be writing about my daily adventures in making new friends. Maybe I will sneak in a food post or two, but I have a foodie inferiority complex and am afraid my food posts will not be as professional-masquarading-as-amateur as some of the food blogs out there. Maybe I will also blog a little about pretty things now and then since the world needs a little beauty now and then.

Oh and those of you who have friends in NY you think are great, please send them my way. I'm generally interesting company, with decent table manners and a respectable standard of hygiene.

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