Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday June 29th

Investment banking analysts in NY work on the basis of a two-year program after which, most leave for highly lucrative jobs in private equity or hedge funds. Today is the last day for our 2nd-year analysts. A flood of "Last Day" emails have arrived in my inbox, mostly gushing about what a phenomenal experience they have had at the firm. It is kinda sad to see these kids move on coz they have been great fun in my brief two months in NY. But also, it sucks to see others move on when I'm still stuck at the same firm doing the same job, albeit in a different location. Especially because I'd been dreaming of writing my own "Last Day" email since the day I started work. I have started many different versions in my head:

Dear all, I am so glad to be finally leaving this sad pathetic job and all of you, especially those of you who actually believe in your own greatness for doing this sad pathetic job.

Dear all, I'm leaving. I will be on a beach somewhere for the next x years, lying in the sun and sipping mojitos while you continue toiling away in this rat race. Try not to take it personally. I've served my time here and you will get your chance soon to leave.

Dear all, I'm leaving. Try not to miss my cute butt too much.

I am really looking forward to quitting this job. Just not yet. Not while they're making a sweet deal for me to enjoy NY. Patience...


knobby said...

For some reason, I thought you were an Assoc. Or, if the paymasters were being sadistic, a 3rd year Analyst. Didn't think you were 2nd year (or is it 1st?)

S said...

I am an Associate, which is why it sucks even more to watch people more junior than me move on before me. And it's also annoying that they are more arrogant than they should be, just because they all get jobs with big-name hedge funds and private equity funds.

knobby said...

Hold on, isn't arrogance a prereq for a job in a big-name fund? And IB for that matter? :) Just teasing. I know plenty of quite normal people in IB. Tough to say the same about fund types, but that could just be because I don't know that many of them.

Why haven't you jumped ship as well?

S said...

Yes, this is definitely an industry for big egos. I've definitely learnt a lot about ego management over the years.

Good question. I guess because I know when I leave, I want to leave for something non-banking related. In the meantime, this job got me to NY. I will enjoy my time in NY and get the hell outta here. :)

You're in the industry too?