Monday, February 2, 2009

London in the snow

This is the first time I've seen this much snow in London. It snowed overnight and accumulated and it continues to snow today. So guess what..I'm staying home today! Yeay!!! Especially coz I was dreading going back to work anyway.

Work, well, it's been pretty painful recently. Not because it's been long hours or tough, but because I am finding it harder and harder to keep up the pretence that I care about my job. I "checked out" a long time ago, about three years ago actually. But I've managed to somehow bumble along and keep people mostly happy with my work. But not anymore. And this year is the year in which I actually need to up my effort level for my promotion t the year of the year. And I am just not feeling it, I'm not feeling enuff luv to put in more effort, to kiss ass, to pretend to enjoy my job. So this year will be a year of change for sure.

I was reading my last post about wanting this year to be a calm and uneventful year. It doesn't seem to be working so far. Not after a crazy Saturday night at some random party where I run into a guy whom I went out with and never called back. He said hi and pretty much avoided me the rest of the night. I did my own thing and had a lot of fun. I ended up at the afterparty which was at his place. He continuing ignoring me and my friends were leaving, so I got my coat to go. And I got stopped at the door by his best friend. He said V thought I wasn't interested and insisted I should talk with V. He also suggested I should have sex with V. I thought it was odd and yet somewhat compelling that a guy's best friend was trying so hard to help him get a girl.

As I was leaving in the morning, he was sleeping on the couch. The best friend, that is. It hit me that I'd gone for the wrong guy. E was the one I wanted all along. But too late...oh well! If we are fated, then it will be...

Speaking about V, I googled him one day. I found an essay about his journey from a small country in Central America to uni in Holland to work in London and eventually his MBA. It was a very impressive story, especially the bits about working 20 hours a week in Chinese restaurants to pay for college. And to be honest, I was ready to marry him after reading this story. But I also found something else...I found out about his interest in adult photography! Hmmm, not sure what to make of that! But I think I should stop cyber-stalking people before getting to know them in real life!

Right, I am off to enjoy the rest of my snow day...

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