Monday, February 2, 2009

2nd post in a day!

I know, it's incredible. I don't post very often and suddenly you get two posts in a day!!!

So this guy I hooked up with once before calls me up out of the blue...After exchanging pleasantries...

Him: "This is going to sound really weird, but I just wanted you to know that whilst I enjoyed hanging out with you, I am jut not at that point in my life to get into anything serious. I would feel bad if I led you on.."

Me:"Erm, I wasn't even expecting to see or hear from you again after that night. We don't have to stay in touch to make ourselves feel less guilty."

Him: "Oh OK, glad we are on the same page then. So, do you have friends with privileges?"

Me: "Ermmm, generally no."

Him: "Well I guess I should crack on with some stuff I need to get done tonight."

Me: "OK, I am glad you feel better about yourself now. Bye"


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