Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday October 7th

So I have not gotten around to baking and using my souffle cups yet. I have had friends from London in town. Plus I am also down with a cold and feeling rather sorry for myself at the moment. *cue for buckets of sympathy pour in*


Last night I was riding the subway on the way to a dinner party when a fight broke out between two guys. It wasn't clear what the fight had been about. It looked as though it could have been one of those fights which broke out coz one guy gave the other guy the wrong look or something minor like that. But it did get pretty heated.

It took a while before people intervened. I suppose everyone was a little cautious and were waiting to understand the circumstances before getting involved. And I think they also waited for a critical mass to gather -strength in numbers. At first, I didn't understand why it took so long for civic intervention. Upon reflection, I realised we are all human and we are all afraid to some extent.

But I didn't feel fear last night as I watched the fight unfold in front of my eyes. I watched, indifferent but entertained as though I was watching another episode of Law and Order. (Incidentally, I have watched about 6 hours of L&W:Criminal Intent already too. Blessed be the TV executives who came up of the idea of TV marathons.)

To some extent, I had faith that my fellow passengers would be able to restrain the fighters. And maybe the fact that they were fighting one-on-one also reassured me that they wouldn't intentionally harm other passengers. And maybe also I don't fear injury or death? I feel that I've lived my life fully and would not have too many regrets.


My local Korean restaurant wasn't picking up the phone tonight, so no spicy sundubu for me. :( For the uniniatited, sundubu is a comforting spicy soup/stew of tofu and seafood. That would have hit the spot tonight.

Instead, I made myself a big pot of chicken soup with all the ingredients I had to hand which I know my mom would have put into soup. Chicken bones, onion, corn, goji berries and dried scallops. Of course, mom would have had a lot more such ingredients to hand and the soup would have tasted richer, redolent of a mother's love.

7 years away from home...


6 hours of L&O:CI. Maybe it's time to change the channel?

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