Monday, November 3, 2008

Saving the world

I went for my first-ever Halloween party on Sat night. Yes, I know! How could I get to the age of 27 and 10 months without having been to a Halloween party??!! One has to start somewhere I guess.

The invite came from this guy I saw casually about four years ago. I haven't seen him since but I recently added him to my Facebook. Ah the wonders of Facebook! And I got invited to this party along with a bunch of random flopsies to up the boob count.

The pressure was definitely on for me to come up with an amazing costume. a) I haven't seen this guy in four years b) he was and probably still is the best looking guy I ever went out with and c) his friends on Facebook looked cute. OK I guess you're impatient to know what I went as. Well, the title to this post should give you a clue...If not, maybe this will help.

From How to Make New Friends

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