Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday November 20th

So I think I am supposed to be making new friends and making a life for myself in NY. Last weekend was decidedly a London weekend though.

My Greek friend from London, bless him, with pinhead and hair loss and all, tried to put the moves on me again. This was after I had to text L to save me from my last encounter with The Greek. He tried very hard this time, even offering to do the NY-LON commute in order to see me. But...definitely not enough love there for me to get over the pinhead and hair loss. honestly, I am not a superficial person.

I also hung out with a visiting London colleague. I floated the idea of going back to London earlier than planned?

Which may not be such a bad idea. I've been meeting attractive men from London (not the Greek!), outside of London and after I moved away from London. That says something doesn't it?


As depicted in Lust, caution, sexual intercourse is the most honest form of communication where both parties are in their most raw primal forms. It is weird then when the lights come on, and clothing worn, it is as though you've woken from a dream. That honesty is no longer real, but surreal.

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buzz said...

Hey babe, long time no see! How have ya been? I've been MIA from blogsphere for eons myself, but thought I'd drop by to wish you a (belated) Happy New Year and to do some catching up ... well, via your blog anyway. :)

Heh, I see you're definitely making new (London) friends in NY. I guess all the good London blokes have fled the land of hope and glory huh? ;)